dwpostcard252pxwA DramaTrain production

December 2010

Written and Directed by Adam Fresco

Adam Fresco hopes his next play, the pantomime, Dick Whittington and Bob the Cat makes everyone smile. The Titirangi resident says the recent mayoral elections inspired him to adapt the original pantomime, Dick Whittington and His Cat, first staged in Britain in 1814.

Fresco’s show follows young Dick who leaves the village of Tittybum-bum to Orkland, dreaming of leading the new super-city.
Fresco, the former South Seas Film and Television School’s director of film and television production did numerous Shakespearean productions while working in London, but he was shocked by how sexist and racist the pantomime art form was.
He’s modernised attitudes in this show, but sticks with the tradition of topical references and giving adults and children a giggle. He’s also promised the second act will be in 3-D.

“Inspired by Avatar, we’ve got special 3-D theatre goggles and we’re working with a few locals to incorporate the modern technology. All I can say is that we’re using lights and mirrors. The rest is a well-protected secret.”
“The whole process is extremely special especially since we’re on a very low budget.”

In keeping with the community spirit, Fresco has included everyone who turned up at the auditions.
“I’m a great believer that since no one is being paid we shouldn’t turn anyone away. I think, inherently, everyone can act. And if they’re willing to commit their time and want to be in it, that’s all we need.”

- Sharu Delilkan, The Aucklander, 2 November 2010

Dick Whittington and Bob The Cat!

Produced by Lesa Cullum

Stage Manager: Ben Henson

Sets by Tina and Ian Speedy

3D Theatre FX by Wet Tar Workshop


Laura Penswick as Dick Whittington
Patricia Hollran as Bob (the Cat)
Kaelen Speedy as Melanie Tart
Lesa Cullum as Major Tart 
David Whitley as Cookie
Sapphire Philip as Fairy Bells
Monica Stewart as King Rat
Jenelle Chitty as Ratzo
Jordan Whitley as Ratfink
Janine Lodge-Osborn as Idle Jack
Rubeana Reader as Stewardess
Christina Haliday as Port
Lynn Stuart as Starboard
Rubeana Reader as Sultana Bun
Rhiannon Fuller-Sandys as Thursday
Gemma Loveday as Jester
Courtney Noble as Pianist